Thailand Travel Tips

Travel Tips

This page contains a lot of useful information for our trip to Thailand.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

International Health, Evacuation and Repatriation coverage 

International health insurance with evacuation and repatriation coverage along with a signed liability release are required for our trips.
Please email us proof of coverage when you have it.
The liability release will be forwarded
for your agreement before our departure date.
There are lots of companies that offer international health insurance with evacuation and repatriation coverage, you can also contact your insurance broker. Here are a couple of companies we like:

Climate and Clothing

The temperature in Bangkok in December is 70-88 F with the average being 79. In Chiang Rai the temperature will be a little cooler at 58 (at night) to a high of 86 F during the day. The average daytime temperature in Chiang Rai in December is 75. There is rarely any rain during December. It it does rain, it just sprinkles.

Thai people like people to dress modestly. When we are outside of the retreat center, it is best for both men and women to cover shoulders (avoid tank tops). Also collared shirts for men are preferred to T-shirts.

Summer clothing with a light shirt or shawl to put on when in air-conditioning or in the evening when it gets cool.

When we visit temples, it is best to wear clothing that covers the arms including the elbows and that covers the legs including the ankles. Shoes are taken off when we go into temples, so easy to remove sandals are ideal.

We will have access to a swimming pool at both the Bangkok hotel and the Chiang Rai retreat, so bringing a bathing suit is advisable in case you want to swim.

Please feel free to email me or call with any questions.  Corinne lived in Thailand for a year in 2000 and visited Bangkok and Chiang Rai in 2015.

During meditation yoga sessions you can wear whatever is comfortable: yoga pants and top, loose fitting pants, shorts and tee shirt.


Electricity in Thailand

You will need a plug adapter and voltage converter for Thailand here is a great website that explains what you will need.  Thailand voltage is 220 volts, you need a converter otherwise your electronics could be damaged.


Free Wi-Fi will be available in your room at Navalai River Resort in Bangkok.
Free Wi-Fi will also be available at
Museflower Resort and Spa but only in the lobby area.


Cell phone service

Check with your cell phone provider about adding international roaming to your account. Buying an international roaming plan will save you a lot of money when making calls internationally. Inform them you are traveling to Thailand and you want to make and receive calls on your cell phone.


What’s App

What’s App is a great app you can download on your phone that enables you to make calls and text using an internet connection rather than your cell service. It is free to download, just make sure whomever you want to communicate with also has the app downloaded as one communicates through the app.


State Department Travel site

It is recommended that you make two hard copies and at least two digital copies of your passport. Leave one digital and hard copy with a friend or loved one who can forward it to you in case you lose your passport. Travel with the other copies, but keep them separate from you passport booklet.
Please check out the State Department Travel site for more useful info:



Updated Tetanus is recommended
Yellow Fever immunization is not required unless arriving from a country
where Yellow Fever is present.
My doctor suggested Hepatitis A and Typhoid fever immunizations, Check with your doctor. For Malaria, mosquito avoidance is recommended, bug spray and mosquito nets if sleeping outside or on open windows. Check here for more information.



You may find that in some bathrooms there will not be toilet paper. Carrying a package of wet wipes with you is a must! You will be glad you did.



Drinking the tap water in Thailand is not a good idea. Bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth if recommended. Most restaurants use commercial ice made from purified water, but you may want to avoid ice as well
if you do not know how it is made.


Pickpockets and Security

It is recommended that you carry a wallet with RFID protection so criminals cannot scan your credit cards. Always be aware of your environment and keep your valuables secure so that pick pockets cannot victimize you.


Credit and Debit cards

Inform your bank and credit card companies that you will be traveling internationally. Bank fraud protection will often shut down your credit cards if they see international charges and you have not informed them you are traveling.



Thai baht is the Thai currency and is widely stocked by most currency suppliers outside Thailand. However, rates obtained in Thailand are higher and money can be exchanged on arrival at more advantageous rates.


Sitting Meditation

A Zafu meditation cushion will be a useful item for this retreat. Chairs will be available for all meditation sessions, and Museflower has meditation cushions but you may want to have your own Zafu. Here are some resources for travel Zafu’s
Type in inflatable Zafu in the Amazon search bar.